I know you’ve been there and I know you struggled, it’s been almost 3 years since yo son been in trouble. I been thinking bout my life.. woah lucky me I’m so grateful I’m alive and not out on the streets, I got food on the table and u know I love to eat, it’s so warm up in this house also I’m glad we got heat. Can’t knock what you been doing it’s just the way you are, you mange to do things and still have gas in yo car. You're my number 1 supporter you've been to all of my games, to get my mind off the loss you would say something lame. Now I know I’m not perfect but you are to me, like a super hero mama as strong as could be. Thinking back to the reason u haven’t gave me away, you put your faith and love in me ain’t no way to repay. I know we been through some times that I really regret, I even lost faith in God but I learned to respect. If they all knew my story and how i made a big change, they would look at me different and they wouldn't treat me the same. Mommy I love and I always will just wanted to let u know how Anthonie feels!

This poem is about: 
My family


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