Loving You

Why is it not...?
Even so I start to love...
Even though I love you so much,
My mind is nothing but blank.
Within the depths of my mind I see,
The person who I've looked for in my heart...

If this voice can't reach you,
I know that I can keep loving you...

Even if you don't see
My love for you.
Even if you don't feel the same,
My love for you well grow higher.

My heart aches for you.

This love is but a gift,
Its a curse that I happily hold.

You don't see my love
For you I'll walk to the very end of the earth
Even if you don't see
My hope for us
My love for...You my angel

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Subarashi Otoko

This is about how loving someone can be hard espically if it's a person you shouldn't love based on other poeple.


I like your passion for unconditional love in this poem. Whoever this is for, she is lucky to be loved by you. Great job!

Subarashi Otoko

Thank you but it isn't for a girl.
Thank you for your comment c:

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