To Love You

Flakes of snow, gliding down your back, as they melt.

Under you, my hushed brokenness held.

The heat, the rush, left the sky blushed.

The touch of your silky black hair,

as I run my fingers through them,

sliding warmth down your neck,

tracing your bends, your edges and your spine.

Tenderly but aggressive, subtly,

I hold your face, near to mine,

kissing your slightly open eyes,

Breathing in all of you. I say-

“To love you irrevocably, I can only start, but never end.

What I feel for you can never be mimicked even if the worlds collide.

To love you better and better, greater and greater,

by every shine the east brings.

To Love you beyond, when the west makes our stars meet.


Till death do us part, To love you by Jasleen Kaur

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