A love Of The Soul

Tue, 12/27/2016 - 11:54 -- CPRA


when it is of the soul, it does not die nor go away, and if it is lost, sooner or later it finds its way back and if the fire was condemned by fear or envy, is reborn from the ashes so great and so strong like the day the heart saw it coming.


when it is of the soul, forgives aand forgets all offense, transgresses our skin, our bones and goes beyond death itself. Love, when it is of the soul, is not burned by fire, nor turned off by water, nor turned to dust.


when it is of the soul, goes beyond time, it is always a child, it never becomes old, it does not begin, it does not end because it has always been there, waiting to be found.

It will be rare to find a love like this one; a love like the one I found buried in you as a treasure.

It is rare to find a love of the soul and everyone believes that it exists only in the imagination, only when they see it with their own eyes, unbelievers can believe in it and even then they think it is a miracle, and it is.


when it is of the soul, is a miracle that occurs perhaps no matter how intense the pain or the storm is. Never lose faith nor hope in love. 

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