Love, The Meaning



a feeling that can't be defined.

Nor described.


Feelings that can't be set aside.

Feeling like no one understands.

Finding no on to confide

in. LateNighhts.

Having no shoulder to cry

on. So life seem to just

drag on (sighs)


In society people claim

to love any and everything CONDITIONALLY

Which OFFICIALLY omits the

purpose of the word and

All that bs is for the birds.

Love is a

powerful word of which the

strength has to be earned.

A four letter word of which the meaning is never learned.

The reason being because it was never written.

Using strong feelings as permission to

find what's been missing. Buh

listening to that "he-say, she-say,"

You've forgotten the mission.

Buh if it's real,

someone will prepare and

repair what's been broken.

Hoping they can close the wounds once open and re-

open the doors of opportunity being closed. Or

at least be shut in with you.


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