Love Me

Why does this happen, why do I stay?

I know you’ll never love me, but I can’t keep away

You said you’d never care for me, yet I still feel as if there’s hope

But sadly I’m mistaken and I have reached the end of this rope

That for years I have been climbing, struggling to reach the top

But now that I am here, I wish it wouldn’t have stopped

Why do I still love you, why are the memories still there?

The soft touch of your lips, my fingers through your hair

Why can’t you love me, why is life so unfair

I trusted you with my heart, and you gave it a tear

Am I just being stupid, or am I actually right

We should be together, I think about this every night

Please lie with me forever, I’m begging you to stay

Say you’ve loved me since the beginning, and think of me everyday

I will always love you and that’s a promise I can keep

Please return the favor, and love me

 Love me


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