love is love


Love the sound of joyful laugh
Love the fruitful thoughts that brings a smile to your face
Love is love
Love the hand that feeds you
Love the working woman strutting with four inch stilettoes
Love is love
Love the words
love the unspoken words
Love the promise left unbroken
Love is love
Love that woman, love your nena
Love the lyrics sang with such harmony
Love is love
Love the music with soul
Love the flowers that grow from the root of its seed and blossom beautifully
Love is love
Love the purity of a woman untouch of dirty hands
Love the ideas that's innovative
Love is love
Love the woman through rich and poor
Love the artist paint that's a masterpiece
Love is love
Love the clear blue sky of evening
Love the leaves that fall from the tree
Love is love
Love the children chasing rainbows of life
Love the place that brings peace and tranquility
Love is love
Love the one that is united with you as one
Love the time, minutes, second being spend
Love is love
Love the pleasure and the purpose
Love that's everlasting and never fades away
Love is love
Love the memories which will be remember vividly
Love the life you're it
Love is love
Love the sister and her brother
Love that person as you want that person to love you
Love is love
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