Love Is Love

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 21:39 -- raiona

Love is Love,
No matter the skin color.
Love is Love,
No matter the shape.
Love is Love,
No matter the sex.
So who are you to tell me what shouldnt be?
Who are you to tell me who loves me?
Beat Me, Bruise Me, Scorn Me with your words of spite
But at the end of the day I still like what I like.
Love has no eyes, Love is Blind.
Love reveals all lies, Love is Mind.
Love is a feeling, Not a lifestyle.
You can change who or what you love,
Therefore love is versatile.
Love can be so strong its impeccable.
Love can be so weak its despicable.
But yet love is love, judge me not, for you are not superior no more than I.
An eye for an eye, A heart for a heart
Our love may have left but my love won't depart.
Love is blood, for it runs through all veins
So don't tell me whats right and wrong to love,
Cause if that was the case love wouldn't exist.
If love wasn't so misunderstood and judged,
it wouldn't be fading away in the abyss.
Don't pay attention to what I just kissed,
Cause love could be passing by YOU.....You Just Missed.



My View On Judging and Love

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

great perspective on your view of love

love have no barriers

love is when one accepts for all w/o passing judgement

great poem-keep writing


Love is Love

I'll give that to you

But its more than a feeling

Its a bond between two


Impeccable, despicable

Neither is real

Only the unbreakable

Together a couple who are perfectly sealed


Love who you want

I really don't care,

But never say love

Is just a feeling two share


Love is for real, 

It's never a game

Once you've truly loved once 

You're never the same


So go forth and love

Be you gay, straight or bi,

Don't infatuate, thats a feeling

Love like you're about to die.


Very well written. 


I love this! Great poem


I love this. Keep on writing.


You go honey!!! Love it!


That was lovely.


This is really great, keep it up!





This is fly keep up the good flow.

Malia Gross

Great love it a lot

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