Love of a Father

Is this how it is supposed to feel?

Broken and scared.

On the floor in a ball crying

Hearing the raging in the background

Words thrown out

Nothing you can do to take them back

Two way street

But it really shouldn’t be

Drifted apart

Falling at the seams

Happy mask

Broken girl behind it

It’s all a show

But everyone has a ticket

No tickets to the real world show

Where the true pain lies

Smiles all around

On the point of leaving

Don’t know whether or not to give up

Who will love me for me?

Show me how the love of a real father is supposed to feel

I don’t like feeing abandoned

I don’t want to feel broken

I don’t want to feel stupid

I don’t want to feel worthless

Can someone catch the broken pieces?

I want to feel the love of a father

I don’t want to feel like someone in the background

I want to feel like a priority

I want you to be someone who doesn’t think work is more important than family

No one knows

Do they care?

I want to be happy

Not worry about if he’ll get upset over something

Not give us the silent treatment

Not interact

I’m whole and put together on the outside

I have it all together to the outside world

Broken and alone on the inside

What does the love of a father mean anymore?


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