Love Compatroit

I love you, i cherish you beyond imagining never comparing you with no other
You sacrifice things to make the love grow to an undisputable dimension
You offer your body as an incense of romance, the smell of the cologne is lovely
Your lips bespeak acceptance and your beautiful arms encaptulate my entirety
Love is sweet, sparringly flowing like an almond oil from the countless hairs of the head
down to the foot
Love is kind, gentle, passionate, patient and enduring over a vast number of disappointments
believing that one day its going to be ok....
For how long will she ride on that path of agony yet still holding on to that hope of blissfulness...~a happy ending~
She ain't going back on her word, her vow, her commitment, her passion even when she seems lost in her world and the world is becoming a fantasy of hopelessness.
Love isn't everything but a larger stakeholder in her world of fantasy, she grew weary and naive never give a fuck what is to be considered
She grew away from perfection, became inconsiderate to reality and vent her fury on the other living factor~the human nature with bonds of limitation~
She forgot she is a unique entity standing at the bar of human need for happiness and fulfilment and must be neutral in her judgment
She stand in great danger of losing her compatroits to that which is against happiness and fulfilment thereby calling desolation to such innocent soul
I love you and yet i forgive you for all your omission and commision in our vow, i care much more than you could think but never forget the endless hope which ~ its greener on the other side ~
This was her final admonishment and her compassion translated to a superficial beauty for me. Today i will remain a compatroit for her noble cause.

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Our world
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