Love Advisory: !LuvBoez


When I found out I liked boys
I knew I would be boy crazy
Every time I liked one, another one seemed to amaze me
Then, when I found about a relationship, it would blaze me
The first time I heard those words “I Love You”
Wouldn’t faze me
But the question would raise me
And I would ask “What the Hell is Love”
When I found love
I had to take it to another level
But it didn’t last
Before I discovered his love
He discovered two cheeks and heart
But it wasn’t in face
But he had broken it
The next boy was like a man fit for a king
Didn’t have a problem splurging on his queen
Until I found he was broken in the heart
His dreams
And the silhouette where money should be
And the last boy means the most to me
He’s my Mr. Perfect
I love him to the death of me and he loves me so
More than I will ever know
He knows my secret spot my back
That takes me to China
And my favorite colorz with a Z
But what he doesn’t know is that this just another love.


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