Love is pain

worse than any toothache

Love can bring you happiness or heartbreak

It can be a struggle not knowing where love leads

Love can be as cryptic as an unsolved mystery

Love is pain

Love takes work

Love can really tests one's worth

I was once a man who yearned to experience love

I was a man who saw the worst and hoped for the best

I was a man who wanted to separate myself from the rest

a man who looked for more than just a big butt and a pair of breasts

Now I reminisce on who I was before I loved

I wasn't caught up in my emotions

My mind didn't dwell on the highs and lows of a relationship

Though I was still resentful, I still couldn't trust

But that's simply because I had been hurt so much

So much that I didn't expect to know love

Love as peaceful as a sunny day

Instead I knew the rain and things didn't go my way

I exchanged content with baggage and stressful days

And I carried it with me like luggage

Love is pain

Love takes work

Love is not always hunky dory

Trust me, love is anything but easy

Such is my story

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