Lost within You


Lost within You

I envision 
the warm smile
upon your face 
that touched my heart 
with your love and grace.

The feelings I have 
in my spirit are true, 
that's why I became 
lost within you.

Another minute races by
just thinking about 
being by your side.

I sit down wondering, dreaming 
and gazing into the sky
as people watch the reflection of love 
shining in my eyes. 

Smiling and reflecting 
on the laughs we shared
made those moments special and rare.

As I shut my eyes, 
What do I see? 
your pleasant face 
staring directly at me.

I did not realize 
how many minutes flew-
just thinking of you.

So whenever I want 
to feel you near
I just close my eyes 
and you then appear.

Happiness quickly settles
in my heart lasting for days
that seem to never die away.

Leaving me content 
sitting for hours drifting off into
a dream about you, making me 
become lost within you.

(c) By Naomi Johnson 


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