Lost In This Thing Called Love

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 20:22 -- bulb3g


United States
32° 51' 7.164" N, 83° 40' 44.796" W

Stuck in a triangle so it seems, Lost beyond hope by any means.
Struggling to win a losing fight, I think I just lost the love of my life.
Should have brought a life jacket, To avoid sinking in life's sins
Should have come up with a new tactic, to demonstrate where my love begins
Running back to emotions held in the past, Why do Good guys always finish last.
I guess that you're happy now with the one you hold so dear, But sweetheart I'll forever wait even if it takes more than a year
No One can ever compare to you, That's why you're my first love and We know it's true
The things I would do to have you love me the same, I promise to you I'd give you my last name
If you'd only give me the chance, I know I could wake you from your trance
Sleeping on the best you never had, What else can I do besides get sad
I'll wait and I'll wait as long as I have to, It's only once in a lifetime a mans find a valuable Jewel like you.


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