Lost Notes in a Subway

Flying by, like ribbons on a windy day.

Twisting, turning, dodging, rushing,

missing, ignoring, ignoring, missing,

aware but unaware,

They are all the same.


Dancing on the wind,

hitchhiking loudly but unnoticeably,

Engulfing them, embracing them, calling them,

circling them, filling them, encompassing them,

Longing for love.


One searching for a problem in the world to fix,

One glance, one judgment, one idea,

Not one penny given up, just one moment wasted,

One speech, one plane flight, one campaign,

Lead the hitchhikers nowhere.


Of elite class, with a swift stride, on a rushed mission,

Knowing of goodness to fix greed,

Yet passing by like all others,

Except with foul intention,

Threat to condemn hitchhikers.


Then a change, a literal change, a green slip,

Over and over, fluttering down, limping from the hand,

The first ticket, path, recognition,

Out of the ordinary it may seem, a hint of kindness,

Turns into a candy house holding a hag.


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