Lost heaven

Sun, 02/14/2021 - 14:59 -- Swizzie


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The light flickers
The bird whispers
For the lost slayers

She whispers into the night
Telling the clouds of its delight
Like there was so light
For such a sight

A young deer runs through the dark
Calling on its heaven
A heaven full of beauty and valour
A heaven full of bounty

"Oh! He's gone" She cries out!
Where is a treasure in the South?
He calls on me but is no more
How shameful we see no more

There is a beating in the background
Reaching out to its solicitors
Bringing them into its abode
So she had to crave in her bosom

Life took my pleasure
For there was a hidden treasure
Like there was no measure for which death takes
My pleasure was once my heaven
But now my lost heaven.

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