The Lost Girls

Once upon a time

In a sleepy small town

Lived a pretty young girl

In a pretty blue gown


When one late night

With no one around

A tap on the window

Made a very loud sound


Peter Pan!

She exclaimed

Wendy with fright

Saw Peter standing in the pale moonlight


Let’s go to a place

Where we’ll never grow old

Where the lost boys run free

You just have to leave home!


I can promise you this

Said Peter with pride

If you come here with me

You’ll be one of a kind


Neverland was a beauty

A magical world

There was only one problem

There were no little girls!


Where are all the girls?

Asked Wendy one day

Peter sighed and replied

Far Away


Wendy was angry

She thought it unfair

She was the only girl

To be found anywhere


So she set out a journey

To search, far and wide

The lost girls

They’d call them, a brand new tribe


Some girls to call friends

And partners too

The lost girls could do

What the lost boys could do


So she rounded them up

A fearless young bunch

With tattoos and piercings

Who knew how to punch


One named Tinker Bell

One named May

The lost girls were fearless

And always the brave


They roamed through the land

A confident kind

Who fought back injustice

With every stride


Til Captain Hook found them

And said with a shout

No girls in Neverland!

You must all get out!


But Wendy wouldn’t have it

So she drew out a sword

And fought Captain Hook

Until he was sore


Alright, you’ve won!


Yelled Hook with a fit

So they made him walk off

The plank of his ship


The lost girls cheered

And yelled out with joy

Now Neverland was free

For the girls and the boys


So then Wendy returned

Back home to her town

Said goodbye to Peter

And the lost girls she’d found


But she would not forget

Their courage and strength

She’d go tell the world

Of the new world that waits

This poem is about: 
Our world


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