Lost but Found

When I was young,

I lost myself.

I didnt know what I wanted,

Or who i wanted to be.

I knew for a fact that my dad was disappointed,

The people that I hung around were bad influences.

They were surrounding me with drugs and alcohol,

Those were two things I didnt want to do,

Because my mom died from them.

What would my mom want for me?

What would God want for me?

Words in a distance surrounded, "A good directed life".

Those words pierced my heart,

I knew I wasnt directing my life,

My friends were.

The one thing that made me move forward was,

A faithful God.

He has always been by my side,

Even when I had doubts.

He was the person who caught me when I was falling

I owe my life to him.

He saved me.

He changed me from a follower,

Into a leader.

I am the one who guides my own life,

Not anyone else.





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