The Lost Child


Oh, how I wish, how I wish I could be a butterfly

Soar way up high and fly so high

Clouds so cool,

touching my face so cool, so cool.

Take me away to a place

Where butterflies

Flutter by

So we may ride along the path that takes us to Neverland.


Come, come along, Peter and lovers too.

Let’s go enjoy the day as children do.

Let’s fly away, dear friends, where darkness never finds

us playing  and laughing

until the moon begins to shine.


I’d like to play and laugh all day long as silly animals in the radiance of Spring do.

Let us not forget our origins and hopefully we may still be

visited by the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell and Peter alike.

Let us not lose the sound of the bells of Christmas innocence in our ears-


Take, Take me away, to a far better place.

One, one where I may show my face.

Let me be who I want to be. Let me be who You created me to be.

We are beautiful ones, all with a grand destiny in life.

We must all love as our Father loves and loved today.

Beautiful one, you have so much to hope for, so much to live for.

Grow your unique butterfly wings so you may one day take flight

and accomplish the unimaginable.

Even the most unsuspecting packages may become the most

remarkable and treasured of gifts.


Behind even the darkest of clouds

comes a rainbow,

waiting to burst forth with its light!

Come, bring your light to every hardened heart.

Help them see there are friends who need not dare part.


Come,  come along, everyone and one for all.

Let, let us show you how the brave hearts fall.


into the

mystery and joy and hope

Neverland brings to souls old and new alike.


Dream a dream and hold on tight.

Take the leap of faith

to love without fear,

pray without ceasing in hopes He will hear.

We are all just butterflies and birds with

unique-to-us patterns on all our wings.

We WILL fly away,

create our own reality,

live another fantasy, and,

Fly away to Neverland.





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