To Lose a Rose

Dear God, 


I was the gray skies, I was the rain, 

She was the rose, so precious and bold,  

I tried to bring her to life and let her grow, 

We were happy, we were love, 

As hard as I tried to stay the gray skies had to go away,  

I left, I left her to the mercy of the night, 

The moon big and full shinning down on her that night, 

Upon her bed, he crept, 

A leaf fell from my rose withered from the cold, 

I could not come to aid for I was at the will of the wind, 

The next night the wind could no longer hold me, 

My wrath rained upon the earth, 

Thunder roared and lightning lit the sky, 

But my rose was broken by this treacherous serpent, 

The gardener picked her and inside she stayed, 

My rains could no longer reach her precious heart, 

Along came the sun with his bright rays of light, 

And along she went leaving me to the night, 

I saw what she did not, 

The light was bright, 

The light was poison, 

It darkened her petals, 

And dried her leaves, 

In the day she had her fun, 

In the night the moon had his, 

And still, she would not let me in, 

Then my gray skies ran aground, 

They left the land where my beating heart had lived, 

My grey skies still often shed their tears, 

And too often the night still knows my thunderous rage, 

For my heart shall always belong to my beautiful rose. 



               -  Devon 


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This first poem I have put online, hope everyone likes it. It was very hard to right and as a lot of meaning to it. Thanks!!

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