Looking for Tomorrow

Asking when the right time is

To move on forward,

To leave behind things unbroken,

People not forgotten,

Actions never betraying a regretful tone,

May not be so hard after all.

Shred your Earthly garments!

Abandon the pride society has forced you to accept!

Don't just live your life.

Breathe it. Enjoy it. Maximize it.

All these words, they seem so easy, right?

Perhaps they are,

Perhaps they are not.

The choices within the journey seems endless,

Who knows whether the decision

To follow the path -

No matter how rocky

Or easy to walk on -

Will ultimately lead to what you want?

Interestingly enough,

No matter how bleak the future may be,

One can never escape the contagious hope

Of a better tomorrow.

Although only a day away,

It is enough for dreams to come true,

For wishes to be granted,

For goals to be completed.

If that is the case,

Why don't we look for it?

Maybe then,

The gruesome world which we call our home

Can be reverted back to what it was:

A place where white never stains,

And where the rainbow shines bright,

Brighter than any raindrop

That just wants to reflect the rays of the sun.


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