Looking up.

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 11:22 -- yesican

If being more than means doing more then
I guess I am less than
I am young to this field
This field of sweat and being stepped on
I am a new born to this struggle
Not a struggle between you and I
But the struggle between today and tomorrow
I don’t have the courage to say it
So I will let my poem do it for me

It’s always I I I
You are always trying to tell me
It should be more about us us us
Instead of reminiscing on when I was high
Remember what made me high

Everyday no longer brings new problems
My fresh new outlook and my fresh new take
Have brought me here
Here where no mind wants to be
Here where I look up and see us
When I use to be apart of us

I let myself go
I lost focus
I am here because I put myself here
Where can I go?
Forced to do it
My choice taken from me
Do I quit?
Please tell me how I can make the most of it

I miss it…. Being in the light
This place where I am at has no power
I gave up my power
On Monday I was accepted
On Tuesday I was neglected
My heartache so terribly unexpected

Where can I get help?
How do I get back?
I look to my left and I see no one
I look to my right and I see the same
I look behind me and I see nothing
But when I look forward I see black.

What can this mean?
Do I go forward to what I do not know?
Do I move to the side and stop progressing?
Going back is not an option!
The branch has already let me go
I know because I have fallen

What I thought was once below me is now where I lay my head
As I look up I realize I was never really sky high
Cause now I see all my possibilities
Now I see the climb is never really over
Though I must start again from the bottom
One day I will be there again
So when I finish this new journey
I will begin another
And so my pains are not my demise
My pains are what humble me in life
And for that I am forever grateful.
My poetry gives me power
My poetry helps me stay calm
Writing this poem made me cry
But reading this poem reminds me
That poetry knows no bounds
Poetry is how we feel and think
Poetry to me is everything


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