Look at me I'm Fading

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 21:26 -- Zensho

How softly the music plays
A minstrel’s tune sways
I can only just feel it
Brushing along my finger tips
Tingling down my spine
The world slowly becoming mute
Yet feeling so alive
It is a sense of peace
While I am slowly drowning
It is the vibration of life
The things which break me
The people who make me
Laughter slipping from my heart
And the tricks my mind plays
When I can’t feel love
But know it is there anyways
Look at me I’m fading
I once thought that meant being nothing
But now it’s like finding something
Fading is when I meet the world
In its shallowest place
And finally don’t run away
But make life out of a simple tune
And the soft music of breathing



This poem was an exploration of emotion

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