Longing for Light

A lone flower in a dusky, dismal room
Longs for the only light it has ever known.
It aches to reach the brilliant rays, and
The world it represents:
So bright,
so gay, 
euphoria in its purest form.

The wretched flower writhes, arching its stem for a glimpse of that dream
It feels the growing warmth of the dawn, but the ultimate prize is not yet won.
Still it bends and twists in its yearning
One may fear it would break, yet,
Such thoughts are trivial to the flower. 
The burden will be borne at all cost, as long as the goal is attained.

At last, escape. The flower thinks as it grows ever closer to the rays.

Focused on the goal alone, the flower allows a mysterious crackling sound to fade into the background
There. The light is so close
So close 

Just a bit more…If I stretch my stem a little farther
Distraught petals meet the merciless glass of a dusty window. 


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