Long Live All The Magic We Made

You first wrote about coming of age,

Sixteen, first album, ruled the Nashville stage,

Unrequited love and a boyfriend who cheats,

You made history - so young, fresh, and sweet.

Your next hit you became our Juliet,

Wrote a beautiful song about your best friend.

White horses, love stories, and the best day,

Now you are here to stay.

Enchanting voice, went back to December,

You knew that you would be remembered,

Telling stories that were true,

Did Superman really fall in love with you?

6th year, next masterpiece was Red,

Beginnings, endings, things you can't forget.

A lot of people broke your heart,

You found consolation in the stars.

For your birthday you took a leap,

A change you intend to keep.

16 poems to tell us why

You found true love can never die. 

Stories with style and wishes and shakes,

You built castles out of your heartbreaks,

You called it nineteen-eighty-nine,

Wonderland exists in your mind,

Now people were really talking trash,

Spreading lies and rumors, left a gash

That bled until you disappeared.

We worried that you weren't even here.

But all the hate, and all the drama

You wrote into a form of karma.

You got revenge with determination,

And you called it Reputation.

All the fires, all the flames,

All the liars, all the blames,

Got burned intensely by you.

I guess patience doesn't try you.

You're the queen again, aren't you?

Look what we made you do!



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