On Loneliness

She is a monster.

She creeps up from underneath the bed,

When heads are on pillows, she is on the prowl.

But, this is not her only form,

She sneaks and slithers on the backs of;

Girls dressed in all black,

Girls in pink floral,

Boys dressed in graphic tees

Boys in v-necks.

She extends her talons into their backs,

And claws in, at any given moment,

In the middle of math class,

Right before the first kiss,

The morning after,

When everything seems fine,

She pulls her victims in,

Her black breath clouds their vision,

Her soft touch eases them into submission

As they forget what they were,

And who they could be,

And all that is left is a carcass,

Until next time when they have restored all health,

And she comes back,

With a vengeance.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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