I felt a genocide in my soul
And dictators of the centennial
Kept marching, marching till it seemed
Hope was springing detrimental

I stay and I lie
And I strain my mind
Trying to find a way
A notion, a commotion
To promote me
To relieve me of my brain
For it seems I dwell within daydreams
And light-beams and whisk
Reality far away
Where you can ask Mr.Poe about Annabel
Lee or fully comprehend why the caged bird
Sings, where there is no black or white, only
Flaming indigo days.
No plot lines make sense
And hence you find Yourself talking to
You by the bay
After all you are the best to talk to because
As Seuss said “there’s no one youer than You”
And you’re smarter than the rest of them anyway
Your Garden of Eden lies inside your pretty little head
And your neuron forest lies on the deflated pillow
On your bed where
So much is said but there’s nothing to say

While your head rises high above Hollywood
Hills, your body is trapped in the dirt and
The filth
Where no one can live but nobody strays
In this useless world of apathy and
Pain, what’s to say we aren’t all insane? For
Only the Ill would see this and stay.
Do you questions Astrology or sit and Pray
As bodies are thrown into graves each day and
Headlines read gunman killed 20 Children today
And you’re thinking “There must be another way”
But change takes actions not just words to say
It’s all just a game for rich bastards to play
And the price isn’t right and you can’t be Gay
Or Black, Hispanic, or Asian okay?
Look at you, nothing but a walking cliché
Your sleeves aren’t present for your feelings to be displayed
Don’t question Morality, Mortality, or the
Milky Way
Just sit strapped to the norm and “Do what I say”
Shut Up! Tether your opinions before you’re murdered like MLK, JFK or the
Victims of the KKK
Help the homeless and forgotten? Please, you haven’t got the
Time of day
Don’t worry about the soldiers out getting slain
Or those who fought for love only to have their Rights stripped away
You’re a child of the 21st century, Hurray!
As the world watches on in disarray
Everyday you’re sleeping your Life away
And it all comes flooding back when they ask
Are You Okay?

As all the world was a deafening surge of pain
And being only what’s left unsaid
I cannot cure the culture war
From the small minds inside big heads

When it becomes easier to sleep than face the days’ fears
When you can’t remember a day that wasn’t adorned by tears
Are You Okay?
When the rich prescribe the wars and the poor take the fall?
When peace anthems are blasted in graffiti on city walls?
Are You Okay?
When your first world problems have dissolved your personality
When the Oxford English Dictionary defines gay as “foolish, stupid, or unimpressive” to
Express its’ functionality
Are You Okay?
When you’re sick of trying
Sick of sparkling cheeks giving away that you were crying
Sick of pretending so you don’t have to face the disappointment of your mother
Sick of trying to see the inner light in others
Sick of the desire to be found
Sick of feeling your own heart pound
Are You Okay?

Then a solution to endurance, emerged
A way to escape the cataclysmic lows
Head back, Barrel Up, High hopes
Here goes –then?


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