Living with ADHD

Blaring static from 59 T.V. sets.

Lost in a sensory sea, never to return.

Memory, cognition, sight, sound, taste.

A knock on the door, words seeping through wood.

I cannot hear them, what are the saying?

Back to the 59 T.V. sets, blaring their static.

The voice again, what do they want?

An assault of colors from the television sets.

Once more back to the voice, don't they know I cannot hear?

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Wow. I identify with this poem a lot because I have ADHD.  It's like I am working and then all of a sudden Squirrel!  And then there is no return to the endless pile of chores :) Thank you!


Pleased to meet ya! Thanks for the reply. I'm glad someone can relate to this struggle.

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