Live Poetry


These words I write

Are Born from me,

I’ve given them more

Than just a sound,

I’ve given them Life,

An opportunity to Impress.

It’s passion turns to heart

and logic into mind.

Words form the basic facial structure...

Eyes, nose, mouth, ears..

It’s creativity sparks its emotion

But its dullness makes it shy

With the basics done,

I can take some detail

and spread it throughout the body

like veins.

Millions of analogies

Billions of similes

Trillions of metaphors

Form somewhat of a synapse

For ideas to travel by

My pen acts as its limbs

and paper as its spine

Power in my diction

Mimics the responsibility of a muscle

While pride and confidence

Act as a natural antibody

To negative criticism

With that, I have created poetry

A living, breathing embodiment

Of who I portray myself to be

An actual life form

To which I use to transfer ideas

From the deepest parts

Of my darkest thoughts and emotions

More than just an idea

More than just words on a page

More than just voice an diction

More than just language and complexity

More than just comprehensibility

For it lives and

Grows in you



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