The Little Things




Before long we shall just be a figment 

of each others memories, 

Memories of times in which tears were 

shed and smiles were over turned. 

Intelligent minds connecting like tic- 

tac-toe, Words of blasphemy leaking 

out of our skin, we fade to black. 


All I ask is you keep us out of harms way, 

 I ask, unaware of the lives ahead of us 

Beyond the point of obedience, 

Now our lives are gone to be, Now we  

are able to see what is ahead. 


Walking away from it all, 

Can't be as hard as sticking around. 

The dislocated times we keep in our minds, 

We realize this was just a race 

To finish the years we'll miss, I can't feel my 

body anymore, I say 

Please don't leave me, miss. 


-Antonio Davis



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