Listen let me tell you

Listen let me tell you about BOX Not a container with a flat base and sides typically square or rectangular and having a lid I wanna personify the BOX I knew as a kid See, BOX was close minded (get it box closed minded)...... NO BOX WAS closed......minded Was forcefully.... Surrounded by sections 8,projects ,fake jays,dirty clothes,crack heads,prostitution that’s poor socioeconomics, you see BOX is the type of place where you will only get the rundown Ask everyone who seen it they’ll say he put his gun up he got gunned down BOX the place where everyone carry arms .....But nobody want smoke like they got nicotine patches wrapped around they palms I know some of y’all got family in a BOX My great great grandmother 92 she spent 92 years in that box She use to say God got his angels watching over us, we just gotta send more prayers up BOX had my father sending shots in the air....I’m watching those same angels duck I got close to the people I was surrounded with I saw dudes selling goods making BOX money real quick They talked amongst themselves about how BOX “allegedly” shot him How he sold rock, hoping the customer didn’t tap rock bottom Rock bottom was drywall meaning it’s fake BOX sold for a couple hunnid before they knew it was too late ......YOU SEE MY BOX TAUGHT ME LIFE AINT FAIR..... ...Sometimes I’ll look into the heavens asking God about my dead cousin but I ain’t sure he made it there.... My box stays in most African American males minds My BOX got dudes getting dogged by police, you ain’t seen them on CNN not one time SEE MY BOX HAD A MAN AT GUN POINT SCREAMING OH GOD the gunman said “he can save you from your sins but can he save you from mine” Now through my experiences I’d have to fast track When people ask me what it means to be BLACK ? based on my box slavery, culture, power, struggle, music art, .....I can’t even answer that  Our ancestors would be pissed, but I’m hoping they would understand My box had us closed in, we couldn’t make it to the promised land The only way out the box is if you were on contract and the white man sold you White boys tryna steal my flow, a salve to my own culture

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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