A freezing wind blows upon my upturned face.

Do you feel it too when the world spins at this pace?

When disaster strikes, we drag out our monsters,

But through the night we wait for something softer.


I still fear the day it all comes crashing down;

My tower and my fortress, my self-made crown.

The wind still sings me to sleep but I know

In the morning it brings a new sky to show.


So we continue hiding within the trees,

Crawling and fainting, begging on our knees.

The wind brings change, but our eyes only see

The same space in which we always wish to be.


Listen to the music, the thrilling melody.

It cries for you and it pleads with us to flee

The forest of conformity, where we hide,

Letting our monsters stealthily play with our pride.

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Our world
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