Light Without Dark

Darkness is more than just the absense of light.

It's the inability to see.

See a future

See a purpose

See a reason to live.


To fear the dark

Is to fear the monsters that come with it.

They showed up uninvited

I didn't know what to do.

Did I give them the wrong impression?



Were they visiting anyone else?

Three times.

Four now,

"If I ignore them they'll take the hint."


Nobody else understood.

Fear can linger.

These monsters, they weren't strangers.

I thought they'd go away.

Before, a simple light switch did the job.

But as they outgrew beneath my twin sized bed

My mind became their home

Four visits just wasn't enough

They destroyed their own fears.

They cut the breaker

So no light could make them scurry.

I had no generators.


My monsters had full control.

My fear was a feeding ground.

I grew weak.

They grew stronger.

Aimlessly I wandered

Searching for a lightswitch

I was living in my fear

Yet living became surviving.

I thought a few visits was all it was

Now drowning in a sea of darkness

With no way to get out

They grew too strong.

I fell too weak.

Drained of all my energy.


And any will to live.

There was no escaping on my own

I had lost all sense of light.

It was far to distant of a though

In my disturbed and tortured mind.

Guidance was the only answer

A sturdy hand to hold.

Someone with a luminous glow

To find my way back home.


In darkness I found light

Yet not made up of my own

Angels grabbed me by my arm

And taught me to be strong

Told me not to cause myself more pain

To let go of my hurt.

Monsters vanished

one by one.


We creaate these monsters.

They aren't real until we make them.

Just a simple figment of our imagination.

This concept seemed far to easy.

Yet it's one I never grasped.

When I kept a light around me

My mind became my home.

Home to cherish and protect.

And let no one else control.

In the end we decide who lives there

And who goes.


My monsters love to visit

It was home for them one time

My angels though, they're always there

Providing me with light.

Darkness was my biggest fear

But in the end I feared myself.

I shut off my own light and I didn't ask for help.

I thought I lost control

But in the end I had it.


Without light

There is no darkness

Without darkness

There is no light

One can not simply exist without the other.

Darkness blocked the beaming light

My future

My purpose

My reason to live.





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