The life's struggles

One Day I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie tooth,

Though it takes away my strength and balance,

It caused great pain and anguish since it was early in my youth,

In my mind this gives me an emotional unbalance,


I felt alienated and estranged,

The people I called my friends made me sad,

Then they would come and I though they changed,

Just to have them break my heart and make me mad,


One day I saw an angel,

Because of their beneficent,

Then were viewed as gentle,

Which caused me to feel sufficient,


They stood up for me,

They also made me happy,

Which made my mind feel as if it were in jubilee,

And they were even snazzy,


They helped with my self esteem health,

And they told me no more pain,

Which caused me to feel as I had emotional wealth, 

They told me because I am smart anything I can obtain,


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