Lifeless Girl

No one cares about me. Where I come from everyone disclaims me. Nowhere to go, no one to turn to I’m out here on my own. From people claiming to be your friend, to stabbing you in your back who is there that I can trust? From being abused sexually, mentally, verbally to being violated, you seem to regret your past and let your future bypass you. From house to house sleeping around from men to men you begin develop low self-esteem. From not knowing who your baby’s father is to having a miscarriage you try to think of ways to end your life since the one you loved most has lost theirs. You try to commit suicide thinking this will change everything but then hear a still voice saying "just hold on things will get better," but only later you come to find out things are only going to get worse. You begin to slice your wrist to ease your pain, begging to be loved but no one seems to pay any attention. At the age of 16 the lifeless girl decided to end her life by jumping off a bridge and all she wanted was for someone to listen so where do we get off givin up on each other?

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