Life, as told by a wise man

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 09:57 -- Elyone

Listen to my voice when i am talking to you

Remove those earplugs and let me show you the life you can brew

Life is a labyrinth, you cannot crack its complexity. You can only go through it if you reduce your level and status towards simplicity. THis might be the last time you are going to hear these words from me, so make them count. Some of the things I am going to say are vital, so do not take them as a huge taunt.

Wake up with one goal and go to sleep with that same goal. During the day never change colour like the chameleon, but face the world with dignity, being as brave as a lion. Always love and help others. Treat them equally like they are your brothers.

Always express your emotions when it is right. Suppressing them eats up your heart and squeeze you tight. Always enjoy all the stages of life you venture into. Although embarassing, do not be shy, just keep clinging onto. For they are helping you to become a better figure. You will experience it and never look desperate as a begger.

Always let your imagination run wild and do not be suppressed. Seek him, he who created the universe whenever you are lonely and depressed. The pleasures of the world come for a time, but dwelling in his presence benefits you for life. Never ever forsake your path. Whenever you feel dirty, gather the soap of repentance and take a bath.

You are the author of your destiny so write it with your own pen. Whenever one door of opportunity closes, another opens. So do not be dismayed when you do not make it. For it is just motivation, the energy to keep the ball rolling.

Greatness is achieved by people who perceive. If you are afraid to end up in the wrong place, do not board the titanic.

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