Life Lesson #1

Beeps of the monitor wake me

He’ll make it through wait and see

He’s still not moving

And now I’m shaking

Crying out, holding his hand

Hoping that our dreams will still go as planned

At last he wakes, different than before

But it’s okay ‘cause I love him even more


A few months later and he’s gone

I will always be his shoulder to cry on

They all tell me rehab will be good

I don’t want him to go, I’d stop it if I could

We’re miles apart

But he still has all of my heart.

He’s breaking

I’m cutting

But together we are still loving


He comes home

After being locked up he just wants to roam

Sadder than before but still breathing

Both of our hearts still beating

He says he just needs a day

Just to relax to fall back in his old way

I listen and comply

Hoping what he’s telling me isn’t a lie



Flash forward some time

Now he’s acting like everything I do is a crime

The screaming the cursing

Every word burning

The cuts I make run deep

I never seem to sleep

Then comes the swing

If only I knew how many bruises our “love” would bring


He begs my forgiveness I happily give in

I knew he loved me and I start to grin

He’s trying hard and I can tell

Our lives are perfect not like that hell


Something’s different than before

He never talks to me anymore

Tears in my eyes

I lie to myself and say he tries

Then I see who he really is

Used and hurt I cry out

“I did everything for you! What’s this about?!”

He doesn’t care

Even through the two years we share


But at least now I see

The only one who was in love was me

There is still a happy end

I am better off

I just need some time to mend


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