A Lier's Game


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In a world so claimed to be run by democracy,

it sure feels like a monarchy.

Like a pharaoh atop his throne in great heights,

surpassing all that live day in and day out

at the mercy of one soul.

In this game hundreds of people play through everyday,

there's solely one rule book.

You keep your bible tucked away with various smaller versions for reference

incase fate turns and allows for a rebellious anarchy to take over.

Like Dracula’s cloak against the sun,

you’ll be protected, and ready to deceive.

Rebellion starts with one.


like the plague,

increasingly becomes more and more powerful as it spreads against its target.

Playing your game,

There’s one thing I’ve learned.

I’m neither goddess nor peasant.

I am me,

and I refuse to be a pawn in a world so twisted such as yours.

So much so,

that you’ve come to believe your own lies,

while you slowly,


slip from your throne so divine.

This is the beginning of anarchy.

It’s started with me,

And I’m not afraid of you anymore.

Welcome, to reality.

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