Liberty Through Melody

Thu, 01/02/2014 - 17:22 -- castroj



Innocent, playful, potential victim.

Seeing the real world first hand, scared.

Efforts to stay pure, tarnished by demons, only

finding liberty of corruption through melody.



Inanimate, yet breathe.

Paved, sealed with blood. 

The only way to keep clean hands is by

finding liberty of evil through melody.




Valuable, precious, instant.

A love with an infinite passion that was never felt until he held his boy.

Words unable to explain his happiness,

finding liberty of blankess through melody.



Created from a man who survived physically,

yet internally was borken and scarred. 

Years of  downtown experience hidden for the sake of his family,

finding liberty of memories through melody.



Inevitable, understood, uncertain.

Cut short, abandoning his child who he brought into the world with only:

"the only way to survive is

finding liberty through melody."



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