Poetry filled my emptiness and it made it easier to discover myself.

Why was I always sensitive? Why was I always falling in love?

My life was humorous and strange the way I write about it in my poetries.

My metaphors put into words bring the embodiment of war,

of pollution and it after it spills in the clear I begin to feel so enlighten.

When I write I feel empowered like the world crumbles like sand in my fingers.

When I’m alone and I write my poetries it begins to expand my dreams,

I learn things that I did not know I was capable of.

I begin to develop a good self-reflection, at being okay again, at not hating silence.

I discover things for myself and keep them tucked in my words.
Poetry entered my life because I had trouble loving myself.

I was in a black pit.

I believed I ruined everything I touched but not until I began writing.

My words loved me and it was terrifying at first.

It was like two spirits lived in my body:

my powerful words struck lightness that I was not aware of.

I started to crave my own words,

it lightens me,

and I loved it because I can no longer hide secrets in the attic of my body.

I did not want any more shadows inside of me because they tasted of dust and

too many nightmares. And so I poured them into my words and felt liberated.  

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