Letter of Rejection

You're golden girl! They have yet to know your worh, just show them girl!

Show them you award winning smile. Smile every time you see them, hide that pain long as a mile.

They have yet to know you, to behold you. They see with glass eyes, oh, but they don't know you!

Show them your walk, so fierce, so dramatic, so demanding. Walk so high, their hear so through handing.

Don't show them your worth, only give them a clue. A peek inside the abyss, oh! They don't know you.

Don't show them your darkness, remain in the light. Fuck their pity and their plunderous plight!

You bitches don't know me! You bitches don't understand. How I wish upon a star to change Time's hand.

To know me is to know death. To push away the ponderance of my last breath.

You bitches don't know me, but I'm golden girl. Just show them girl...just show them girl...

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