A Letter to my Teacher

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 14:26 -- Yearfs


You have made a difference, taught a class, took a chance.

You’ve made a difference, impacted a life, and made my inner-child smile.

Taught a lesson, you have been such a blessing.

You changed the world, taught me so many things, now others will learn.

You have touched my heart, and some day I will touch others just like my own.

You’ve made a difference, the kindness of your heart shines through in every aspect of class, every part.

Our class feels like home, you’re that mother

Pushing us along, making us feel like we all belong

You light up the room with your smile, Making class time worthwhile

You’ve made a difference; you have paved the way for the future of tomorrow

You love to communicate; you make it fun when we participate,

You show emotion, you put active reading into motion.

You took your turn, Entered the classroom helping others to learn.

Thanks for the time; you are truly one of a kind.

Thanks for being there; you are a person who truly cares.

You always share, and you’re equally fair.

 Thanks because theses six weeks have been a blast, and I’m going to really miss your class.

Thanks for being you, because you have made a difference!!!!


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