A Letter To My Sisters



If a boy ever tells you you're beautiful, ask him what he thinks of your heart

Ask if he knows that you'd rather sip tea than drink coffee

That you love playing piano because it is always tangibly concrete

That sometimes you run not to get away, but just for the sake of running

That you're horrible at remembering birthdays.

If he doesn't, he's just another birthday to forget

If he does, say thank you


If another girl ever tells you that you need to wear certain shoes

and coat your lips with sticky gloss

Trust me, you don't

Your feet will just get blisters from walking circles around yourself

And your lips were not made to taste like candy they were made to speak your mind

Do not let your mind or your lips be shut by painted fingernails and girls you want to be like


Don't replace books with magazines

Their covers are designed to make you doubt every feature of yours

Don't you ever lower your IQ for the sake of conversation

And if the boy you're talking to likes ditzy girls, then you are not for him

Because you have things to say that could build up mountains and build up people

You are a warrior and a wonder


This world is content with settling

but baby, don't you fall into that trap

Settling may seem safe

But it is when plates of earth settle against each other that earthquakes are started

Don't be an earthquake.


Always remember how small the smallest part of you is

You are made up of molecules and love

Watch your ego

You need one to survive but do not start letting out enough hot air to fill balloons

When you talk more about yourself than your Creator and where you've come from

you'll begin to give all the glory to your own being

Remember that you are not here to save, but to love


If I had a penny for every time you will be hurt and disappointed

all I would have is two handfuls of coins and a heavier heart

But I will always be here to wrap you in my arms

I cannot save you but I can love you

And I have pointer fingers for a reason,

to point you to our Father

and to big skies and bigger dreams

Somedays you will feel like you are caught in a rainstorm

Always remember that water dries.

But I long for the days when your heart is dancing, just like your eyes

When all you can see is light and joy

When you take this world by your own storm

You are a warrior and a wonder


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