A Letter To My Capture

Dear Doubt,


Thanks for clouding my mind.

Making my ambitions blind.

 You know how to break me down.

Leaving me breathless and grasping for life.

I had a panic attack because you! You bitch!

 I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks a lot.

You surely know how to brighten up my day.

My day is filled with tears and thoughts of self harm- worthless.

I know where the pocket knife is, but not my ambitions.

Thanks, you bitch!

I think I am doing great.

You love to get in the way. Make me trapped in my head- locked away in a castle.

 Trapped by a dragon.

You’re my dragon. My capture.  My demise.

Doubt, this letter is a thank you card.

Thanks for the sleepless nights.

Thanks for the tear stained eyes.

Thanks for the panic attack and the tornado of thoughts

Thanks for it all! You bitch!

I really appreciate it.


Your beloved victim,

Lauren Jungbluth

This poem is about: 



I struggle with fear, worry and doubt.  They control my life and make it hard. One factor that plays into this is that I am always in my head thinking. My thinking tends to morph into spiraling thoughts. There was one day that it was out of control. It was so bad that during my lunch period I broke down in the ladies restroom crying trying my consol myself, resuring that I wasn't worthless. I wanted my thoughts to end. I felt low  and on edge for the rest of the  day because I didn't know when another tornado would happen. Since I could pour out my heart into this poem I chose to write about my struggle with doubt and how it has a strong grasp on psyche. 

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