The Letter

Fri, 12/27/2013 - 17:40 -- serapia


I stumbled upon it without knowing what it was.

I pulled it out and saw my name written on it...the hand writting... it looked so familiar yet so diffrent...I opened it and started to read.

It was years ago when me and you excisted. 

When you told me you loved me and never wanted to loose me and how sorry you were for bring a jerk.

I smiled, with tears in my eyes it took me back to my past where everythingfealt so perdect until it all fell apart.

It hurt...but not like before...So many memories, so many feelings rushed back to me.

How could this be? I still feel like if it was just yesterday when it was just you and me.

Now fast forward a couple years and we are far away.. 

So many dreams, so many memories, so many I love yous all gone. All gone in the past..

It's time to let go and start loking ahead in life.

My life without you by my side.


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