let's talk about something

where do i even begin?

so many jumbled thoughts with no way out

how do i explain myself without being shut down

because everyone gets sick of me expressing my disgust

when they choose to ignore the truth


why do i have to find every way possible to make money to pay for college

all because of the salary i wrote on my application

and no one bothers to think that we have expenses

and that all that money has a purpose

no that six-digit number automatically disqualifies me from financial aid

because that makes me upper-middle class white bread cookie cutter plastic barbie dream house white picket fence american as apple pie


and they tell you that good grades and participation in school activities will get you into any college you want

but when having a 4.27 and being in the top 5 percent of your class and taking every honors and ap class you can doesn't get you into your dream college you realize they're all liars

i'm sorry

did i miss the memo that i have to speak three languages and play five instruments and be a star athlete and be the president of two clubs and get straight a's and get a perfect sat score and cure cancer to be valid

and i don't have a tragic life

like an abusive stepdad or a single mother who works three jobs to support her ten kids or a brother who was killed in combat


people say i'm a good writer

but when it comes to talking about myself i can't think of a single word

so the cursor blinks perpetually on the blank page


you know sometimes it messes up my self-confidence

not that i had much to begin with

because when you realize that other people don't care what you think but care about what you look like

you'll do anything to be wanted

just conform to their brand and you'll fit in

maybe that's why i'd rather stay at home all the time studying rather than trying to be a false representation of an accepted norm


i know it's all inconsequential in the long run

but right now it's all i have

are the tears justified when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and everyone tells you you'll grow out of it

suck it up stop being dramatic it's just hormones don't be so emotional welcome to the real world


i wish my talents could be more easily recognized by those who control my future

but as it is i've had to learn the hard way

that i'm the only one who has the power to make myself happy and to change what needs to be fixed


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