Let's Get A Few Things Straight Here


Is not synonymous,
With quiet.
I came into this world kicking and screaming,
and I don't plan on stopping,
anytime soon.
Because female,
is not synonymous,
With soft.
I'm getting sick and tired,
Of people cutting down my edges,
Dulling my razor blades,
Blurring the lines,
To make everything seem okay.
is not synonymous,
with servant.
We've both been gifted, 
With working arms and legs,
The only difference I see here,
Is in the letters stamped on our, chromosomes.
is not synonymous,
with less than.
For A true balanced equation,
Requires an equal to,
And I am greater than,
Any word you stamp on my persona,
Whether it be quiet, soft, servant, or lesser,
I am not a synonym. 


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