Let Me Sleep

At night I'll lie awake, I'll sit and ponder my mistakes.

God, I'm so tired but this desire to be the best won't let me sleep.

I'll ponder everything I've done wrong, every stumble every fall

Every wrong word and things I have heard people say when they think I'm not listening.

I wonder about the things that are terrifying like demons and monsters and the threat of dying

I say I'm not scared but I'm just trying to hide the fact that I want you to hold me

Everything everywhere just seems so loud I'm just a figure lost in the crowd 

I scream for help but no one's around and it's not like anybody would listen

I fight to stay awake, the nightmares are more than I can take

I pray for the sun or at least someone to make the demons rest.

I wish they would let me sleep.

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Good stuff! Honest, real, thank you!

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