"Let Me Live and Feel Life"

Tonight, the waves seem gentler
and the moon's white light curves softly to me
The trees cease their restless shaking
and urge my thoughts to sit peacefully 
inside my head, so they do, they do
And my feathery heart meditates
to the ocean waves and its breeze

I have become the wind again
It plants braids into my tree bark hair
My skin, like flower petals
ripen and bloom and fall 
from my arm branches in rivulets
to join the cool night and quiet air
While my toes suck life 
from cold, dark earth

"Let me live," I chant,
"Let me live and feel life."
The waves, they listen 
and lap at my feet
and rock me, rock me
to and fro

"Let me live and feel life,
Let me live and feel life."



oh gosh that was great !! 

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