The world’s expectations for you are high, you’re judged right off the bat

People expect you to fit into a mold, but there’s wrong in that.


Your life is on a timer, so it makes sense for the mind to yearn

For knowledge, for answers, for anything possible to learn.


There are a few things that I have learned as time goes around

You’ll always have that "friend" that says they'll never leave your side but is nowhere to be found.


Things happen in the blink of an eye, so everyone's quick to pray during tragedy

For us, God gave his life, you can at least pray to Thee.


Art comes in different forms, it's not just paintings or pictures 

It is a passion, and a beautiful thing that comes from creative mixtures.


Jesus always makes a way, and for that I'm grateful!

Being humble is a true gift, and for that I’m thankful!


Life brings challenges unknown to the strong-hearted

Always take time to reflect on what you’ve started.


Once you’ve found a talent, devote time to master 

Never give up on your hopes and your dreams, you can relax after.


When your focus is acceptance, there will always be dissatisfaction

Prioritize and never find yourself compromising your actions.


If they’re only in contact when it benefits them, you’re wasting your time 

Violence is never the answer, it’s the number one crime.


You live and you learn and you share your story

Use your chance to teach leave great history.



Take these lessons and you’ll bloom like a flower

for knowledge is the key to success and power.


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